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Shop for the Right Concealed Carry Purse

Annie: Barbara says I should get a concealed carry tote, but I am not sure. Jodie, can you shop online with me and help me decide what concealed carry bag I should get?

Jodie: Tina said that Pistol Packn Mama had some real neat totes on their website. I like the totes that give you the option of either carrying cross body or with a short handle. I think PPM has several of both kinds on their site. Let's take a look. I may be interested in one also since I am in the process of getting my concealed carry permit now.

Annie: I'll bring up the website and let's look. You know I'm not real sure what kind of bag I want. Concealed carry is one of the requirements, but I need a way to carry my everyday stuff. I don't even know the difference between the kinds of purses. I want to understand what I am looking at before I buy one. I hate to go through the hassle of sending it back if it does not fit my needs. Here comes Barbara, she knows all about handbags since she works in a shop that sells them. Let's ask her about it.

Hey, Barb can we ask you about concealed carry purses? I am interested in getting one, but I don't really know one from another. Can you help me understand? I am looking for a concealed carry tote, like you suggested, but I know there are other kinds that I might get. Not sure which one would best fill my needs.

Barbara: Sure I can help you! The one that I suggested for you is the tote. It is usually a big bag that is worn over-the-shoulder, has lots of room inside for the junk you carry everyday. The concealed carry tote you would get from Pistol Packn Mama will have a separate compartment for your pistol. It keeps the pistol from getting tangled up with your regular stuff. The concealed carry compartment is made so that no one can see that you have a gun in your bag. Compartment has openings on at least two sides so you can get to your pistol from left or right.

The reason I suggested the tote for you is because you like to carry a lot of stuff in your purse. You need that main compartment for all that stuff, but you also need that separation from your pistol so it doesn't get all tangled up.

Jodie: Barb I am also interested in a concealed carry bag, but I don't like the idea of having such a big bag. I don't carry that much stuff, I like to travel light.

Barbara: There is a range of concealed carry bags that you can pick from. You need to check out a clutch, hobo, satchel, or messenger. There are various sizes, but all have the same concealed carry compartment that keeps your pistol separate. I have a Dowel Top Purse that I bought last year. It is a black and has a long strap that is adjustable and removable. I can wear it over-the-shoulder or I can adjust the strap so that I can carry it under my arm. Usually I carry this purse when I dress up to go out. The other purse that I have is a Quilted Slouch. It's more casual so I use it for shopping and running errands. I really like the Quilted Town Tote that they just came out with this year. It's a lighter color, I like the quilted effect. I think it is cute.

Jodie: I like the quilted effect too, but I think I like the X-Body Organizer. To me it has a classic look with just the right amount of storage. It also is an over-the-shoulder bag, but it is smaller. Looks like just my size.

Barbara: Another thing you have to consider is the type of pistol that you will be carrying in the bag. Not all bags can carry all pistols. I have a Sig Sauer P238 that fits quite nicely into either of my bags. Each bag comes with a holster in the concealed carry compartment that is Velcroed inside of the compartment to keep your gun at the right drawing angle.

If you have a large pistol like a 1911 you can only use a large bag to carry it, that will limit your selection of purses. If don't already have a pistol you might consider both the pistol and the bag that you are going to carry it in when you purchase both.

Jodie: My brother gave me a Kimber Solo for my birthday. It only has a barrel that is just over 2 ½ inches. It should fit in the smaller bag, shouldn't it?

Barbara: Yes I believe it will. But you need to verify that before you buy it. Annie what kind of pistol do you have?

Annie: Mine is a Glock 42. It is longer than Jodie's gun. It has a barrel that is 3 ¼ inches long.

Barbara: You will have to make sure you have a good fit for your pistol before you buy the bag to carry it.