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Things to Avoid When You Concealed Carry

You see these lists all the time that give you all the things you need to “do” when you carry concealed. This is a discussion about things that you definitely do not need to do when you carry a concealed pistol.

You do not need to have the temperament in which you occasionally explode into a temper tantrum. You and I both know that there are some people that do not have the temperament to be able to carry a gun. If you one of those people that goes into a tirade about one thing or another, you have no business carrying a concealed pistol. If you cannot control yourself, and become easily angry about certain situations, just forget about getting a concealed carry permit. You are the only one that can tell if you qualify from a temperament standpoint. When you carry a pistol you need to be able to quickly assess a situation and decide whether or not you should use a gun in defense. Being quick to react just from emotions is not a good characteristic to have. You need to apply clear judgement and only draw your gun when it is necessary. If you are short tempered you may draw your gun when it is not needed. You can certainly cause a dangerous incident when this does not need to happen.

On the other end of the spectrum you should never become apathetic or careless with your gun. You have to be sharp all the time that you are carrying a gun. If you are not going to practice and keep your skill level at top, then you should leave the gun at home. You may have shot a perfect score at the range in May, but if don't practice then I doubt that you can do it again in December. Vigilance is a skill that you need to develop at all times. It needs to be second nature to you. Always be observing your surroundings. Such a habit can lead to your living and not dying. If you are lazy about such matters I certainly don't want to be around you when you are carrying a gun. It could be bad for your companions.

Mentioned before but worth saying again, you should tell no one that you are carrying a gun. You will be much better off keeping it totally to yourself. Just think about what can happen if you do tell someone. They will gasp “You have a gun on you right now! Can I see it?”. This will be followed by lots of questions. What do you think you have done by letting the world know that you concealed carry? It removes any surprise for an attacker who might be getting the same news about your weapon. You will be constantly badgered by bystanders. You loose all capability of self defense, in which case may as well leave the gun at home, it will be fairly useless.

You should act like a normal person when you carry a concealed pistol. You should not turn into an over confident seeker of justice, truth, and the American way. Just because you have a concealed carry pistol does not mean that you should go into places that you know are dangerous. If you do you are asking for trouble that you do not need. You may get yourself killed. A concealed pistol is not a badge of courage. Keep your head on your shoulders and go about your business as you always have.

Probably the most critical of all the “do nots” is the last one. Please always keep your pistol in your possession. You cannot afford to loose your pistol. If this happens think about the consequences. You may only be able to dream up a few of the possible bad results. You could have some very bad legal problems if some of the possibilities do occur from the loss of your pistol.