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You Never Know When or Where You Need Self Protection

The immediate need for your self protection can come at any time and at any place. Situation awareness should be something that you practice everyday and at every place that you visit throughout the day. In a grocery store parking lot, walking down a city street, or even at home. That may sound kind of silly, and you would not have to exercise the amount of awareness that you would if you were out walking your dog. Now days it does not hinder you to be ready for anything, even at home. I know a lady that is a perfect example. She went to the grocery store late last year, something we all do, maybe several times a week. On this particular occasion the parking lot was full. She drove around until she found a parking spot, and went into the store for shopping.

On coming out of the store she pushed her fully loaded shopping cart down into the lot where she had parked. She left the cart at the back of the car and unlocked the doors of the car. She started to unload bags of groceries into the car. And you guessed it, she left her purse in the child seat of the shopping cart. It was like a fish bait being waved in front of a hungry fish. While she was bent over putting a bag into the car, a car door opened behind her, a thug stepped out and whisked up her purse. By the time she had realized it he was almost back in the car. She grabbed the handle of the purse, but he had too good a grip and yanked it away from her. The car sped away. Of course she screamed at the top of her lungs. There were a lot of other people in the parking lot, and a lot of them came to her aid. But not one person got the license plate number or could stop the car.

You see these kinds of guys are well practiced at what they are trying to do. There were 2 guys, one driving the other snatching purses. It is a sad lesson that tells you to be vigilant in your environment. Know what is going on around you. There was a simple fix for this mistake. She should have put her purse into the car as soon she opened the door. It is classic example of not having good situational awareness.

Check out the video. You should be vigilant at home as well!