Buying Your Pistol When You Don't Have Experience

Posted by John Mitchell on 26th Sep 2016

Seek Professional Advice Before You Buy a Gun

If you don't have experience with weapons you should depend on someone else's expertise in order to make your first purchase of a concealed carry pistol. It's not a real good idea to just walk into a gun store to pick out a pistol when you don't know anything about them in the first place. Before you visit the gun store you should for identify a certified pistol instructor. He will be able to direct you to the right kind of weapon for your needs. When I started the process to get a concealed carry permit I found a certified instructor who would help me choose a weapon. He owned several pistols that he let me fire to make a decision about what kind of weapon I would like to have. he had helped a lot women pick out their ladies' pistols. I suggest you do the same. Since he is also a certified pistol instructor he was able to help me get my concealed carry permit. Once he had helped me decide which pistol was right for me, I went to the gun store and gave them the exact model of pistol that I wish to purchase. I was able to get the size, caliber, sites, grips, and the manufacturer that I desired. It is probably not a good idea for you to purchase a used pistol. Because you want to have the manufacturer's warranty on your pistol when you make our first purchase. Plus you need to pick out exactly what you would like to have.