Concerned Citizen with Concealed Carry Reacts

Posted by Reading Eagle, Reading, Pa., 11/5/13) on 2nd Apr 2014

Train Your Reactions to Use Your Pistol

Krick’s Korner, a local Pennsylvania convenience store, was open around 2 p.m. when two men wearing masks entered. They held the store clerk at gunpoint and demanded money, cigarettes and lottery tickets. Meanwhile, a man exiting a nearby apartment building saw the robbery taking place. He quickly drew his concealed firearm and ordered the robbers to stop as they made their way outside. They turned their guns on the concerned citizen, prompting him to fire his gun. Both robbers sustained fatal gunshot wounds to the chest. No other injuries were reported. You just have to be ready with concealed carry and do what is needed when it is needed. Reactions when carrying concealed need to be positive! Be ready when the situations warrants.