Glamour asks Women "Why Do You Own a Gun?"

Posted by John Mitchell on 5th Feb 2018

You Would Think 'Glamour' Could Guess the Answer

At the recent National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show convention in Las Vegas Glamour magazine asked women attendees “Why do you own a gun?” There was no defintion as to what particular “gun” was owned, whether it be a pistol or a long gun. This group of ladies ranged in age from 19 to 54, most of them in the 20 to 49 age group, and lived mostly in western and midwestern states. The answers are what you might expect at this point in time, after all the stress on self-defense and the violence against women. Self-protection was a main reason, some had competition as their reason and a few had both of these as a reason.

It is interesting to note that several of them mentioned hunting also as a reason so the viewpoint of this group can only be defined as general gun ownership and not specific to the identification of women who own pistols for concealed carry.