Is This a Horror Story in the Making?

Posted by Pistol Packn' Mama on 16th May 2018

Concealed Carry a Pistol to Defend Yourself

Junie is fiesty 24 year old who thinks she knows everything. She is on the edge of being a real smart alec. You will see what I mean when I tell you her story. One thing that she does have right, it is a good idea for her to have self protection. She works in a fairly bad part of town, the warehouse district. And working the afternoon shift does not put her in that area at the safest time. She usually leaves work about 12:30 AM, which puts her on the street in the wee hours of the morning.

Since she wanted to start carrying a concealed pistol for her protection, Junie said she could just read this “Self Help” article about concealed carry and she would be just fine when she decided to go down to the store to buy her pistol. The article suggested that new pistol owners should not concentrate so much on the size of the pistol, but more on the way the pistol feels in your hand. That is a very good point. A lot of ladies who want to buy a pistol for protection think that they should get a small pistol because it will be easier to carry. There is some truth to that, but I can tell you that the grip or feel of the pistol in your hand is more important than the weight of a pistol in your purse. Having a pistol that is not a comfortable fit for your hand will make it an uncomfortable fit for you to shoot accurately. A loss of comfort will make pistol carry less likely, and that defeats the purpose of having the pistol. At least Junie got some good direction from the article there.

The article went on to say that the way you dress may need to be modified to make concealed carry of a pistol effective and comfortable. There's that word again! Comfortable! It did tie together the fact that having a comfortable fit with your pistol in your hand must also extend to comfort with the way you carry your pistol. That turns out to be the way you have your pistol comfortably placed in your clothing. You have to have immediate access to your pistol when you need it, but it also can't be a pain to carry it!

Junie felt that her “best” and “most comfortable” way to carry would be in a concealed carry purse. Since she always wears jeans to work she can carry the pistol in a casual crossbody purse. She can cant the holster that is inside the concealed compartment of the purse just right so that she can get it out quickly if she needs to.

Even though the article she found gave her some great tips on successful concealed carry, she is missing some other important points. It would be a good idea to have some extensive training with an expert in concealed carry to sharpen her skills. She needs to know how to train and do some extensive training with her pistol. I hope she makes that connection and gets some expert training or this could turn out to be a horror story in the making.

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