Light Is a Good Way to Thwart an Attacker

Posted by John Mitchell on 25th Sep 2016

Stay Out of the Shadows to Avoid an Attack

Light is a good way to help thwart an attacker after dark. If you have to go to your car in a dark parking garage or on a dark street, keep a bright light for protection available to light up your surroundings. Along with your concealed carry pistol you should have a small by very bright light with you. The LED flashlight can be great protection when you suddenly shine it directly into the eyes of an attacker. There are some lights that you can attach to you key chain so you would have immediate access to it. Other small flashlights can be carried in your pocket, but they put out very intense light that will periodically blind someone. Temporarily disabling an attacker with such a bright light will give you time to get your pistol out for further protection. Anytime you combine a light with a weapon for protection you will need to practice what you are going to do when confronted by an attacker.