Mindset Is Important When You Concealed Carry

Posted by John Mitchell on 17th Feb 2014

Be Aware of Your Responsibility When You Concealed Carry

You may think that you have the right mindset to carry a concealed weapon.  But you might want to consider some thoughts that come to mind when you start to carry concealed.  You have to have a clear head about the responsibility you are undertaking when you have that concealed weapon on your person.  It may seem like it is a no-brainer, but you need to know that you will have consequences when you pull out the weapon in a critical situation. You have to be mindful about where you are when you are carrying a weapon.  You will not be able to legally carry a concealed weapon into a courthouse, police station, bar, or school.  The school can be the place where some folks get into trouble with a concealed weapon.  If you just run into the school for a minute to get your son and forget you have the gun in your handbag you may be arrested and/or lose you concealed carry permit.  So do not be absent minded about the fact that you have a weapon.

Your mindset needs to extend to your practice with your weapon.  Just because you passed the concealed carry test to get the permit to have the weapon on your person does not mean that can handle the gun without practice.  Both drawing and firing the weapon should be part of your on-going practice.  You can practice drawing with an empty weapon in your home, but you need also to practice drawing and firing the weapon at a range or other safe place. Your ability to draw and fire the weapon effectively will fall away if you do not practice.