"On" or "Off" Your Person Methods of Concealed Carry

Posted by John Mitchell on 5th Jul 2013

Lots of Options for Concealed Carry Purses

You have a weapon that you have a concealed carry permit for and you want to carry it for self-protection.  You have two options from which you can select to carry your weapon, to carry on your person or off.  Both methods will give you complete concealment of your weapon, but afford you immediate access if you need to use your weapon for defense.  If your method of carrying your concealed weapon is "on your person" you will have your weapon in a holster that is attached to your body.  Using the other method of concealed carry you would have your weapon in a concealed compartment in an over-the-shoulder pouch, in an high fashion bag, or in casual bucket tote.  There is now a wide variety of purses, handbags, briefcases, and casual bags that are designed with concealed carry as an option.  These include the Traditional Open Top Tote, Basic Hobo Purse, Concealed Carry Briefcase, Shoulder Portfolio

Any part of the full range of design can be used as an effective platform for concealed carry of your weapon.