When I Hear Stuff Like This, It Makes Me Sick!

Posted by John Mitchell on 27th Mar 2014

Be Prepared At All Times

A 23-year-old lady was home with her 2 kids about noon on a Tuesday in January.  She heard a knock at the door.  Looking through the peep-hole she saw a man that she did not know standing on her front porch.  She did not open the door.  The man proceeded to kick-in the door to rob and assault her.  The sketch artist rendition of this guy, pegs him in probably at least two other assaults in the same area of town.  If the police can't catch this guy, then I hope that he runs into a woman who has a weapon and knows how to use it!  It is one of those cases when you can say you wish that this lady went for her pistol when she saw that she did not know this guy after seeing him through the peephole. Unfortunately this scenario happens all too often. It was in the middle of the day no less!  This guy needs to get what he richly deserves! Put down by a woman who is prepared to protect herself with a handgun she knows how to use.

Don't let this happen to you. Prepare yourself with proper training. Find a certified handgun trainer and let them help you to get the right handgun for you and let them teach you how to use it effectively. This is excellent self-protection insurance!