Women Have The Right to Concealed Carry

Posted by John Mitchell on 30th May 2013

Protection Needs to be Available

The incident of a woman being attacked in the parking lot of a shopping center is a great time for self-protection to come to the forefront.  It has happened too often in cities across America. A woman is pushing a basket to her car, loaded down with groceries. An attacker is watching to find a vulnerable victim such as her. As she has the car door open and is loading stuff into the car the attacker strikes. She's not going to be a victim this time because she has a concealed pistol inside her purse that she has immediate access to. She has practiced for this moment and she has her automatic out in a flash. The attacker is history!  This is the kind of scenario that needs to be played out much more often than it does in parking lots around the country.

A woman should be proactive about her own protection.  The concealed pistol and the practice that goes with its proper use is what each woman should have as her protection. Every woman has the right to concealed carry for her protection and the protection of others.