Your Gun Can't Protect You If It Isn't On You

Your Gun Can't Protect You If It Isn't On You

Posted by John Mitchell on 8th Aug 2016

Make Carrying Your Concealed Pistol a Habit

The most important aspect of handgun ownership is education—hands down. Education promotes safety, but it also increases awareness of how to effectively use your handgun to save your life—an aspect of ownership of which some have surprisingly little awareness. For  example, a recent national study by and Harvard Injury Control Research Center, indicates that while 77% of female gun owners purchased their weapon for protection against strangers, only 15% of these women report to having carried their gun out of the house in the last 30 days. My response to this is “Why have these women not taken the appropriate steps to carry their pistols?” Your handgun can only save your life if it is on your person at the time of an attack.

You will obviously encounter more danger from strangers outside of your house, and the best way to protect yourself is to have a concealed carry option on you at all times. Pistol Packn Mama provides the tools and resources you need to do just that. Always carry your pistol!