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Can You Answer a Few Questions About Concealed Carry

Quiz About Concealed Carry:

  1. Do you feel you need to have immediate self-protection when you are away from your home? 
  2. Do you have family members or friends that depend on you for care and protection? 
  3. Are you often in areas where you feel you could be victimized? 
  4. Do you want to be self-confident and self-reliant when you go to unfamiliar places? 
  5. Are you interested in being able to effectively repel an attack if it happens? 

You can answer “yes” to just one of these questions and know that it could be a good idea for you to carry a concealed weapon. Let's face it, predators are just about everywhere these days. There is no place in this country where a predator has not struck or will strike, even your own home! Would you not feel it better to be prepared for such a calamity than not.

Just read about the lady who has elected to carry her gun at all times. She said it took some “getting used to”, just like anything else that is new to your person or schedule. But it was her goal to make it a habit, and she accomplished that by wearing it everyday. She felt that it is possible to run into a situation where she might need it, and she did not want to leave it in the drawer at home if she did need it. She did not expect trouble or expect to ever use her weapon. It gave her self-confidence knowing that she had the gun and could use it when needed.

In her daily life she takes care of two young children with the usual activities. They go to the store for shopping, to the park playing, and to the school, the usual activities. Since she has started to concealed carry a weapon she has become very aware of her surroundings. She is very observant of activities in her vicinity that might effect her or her children. She stops at the gas station to fill her car. On getting out of the car she observes all the activities near the car. And she remains observant as she pumps gas.

On one day she has told the children that she will take them to the park for some play time in the late afternoon. The park is about six miles from her house. The children are having such a good time and it is a glorious day, she stays much longer than she had planned. It is almost dark when they load into the car for the trip home. Just a few yards out of the park gate, the car dies and no matter how much she tries to crank it, it will not start. There are no street lights here and the dusk turns to dark very quickly. She didn't forget her gun when she left the house, but she did forget her cell phone. Now what!

Fortunately there is traffic on the road and a man stops to ask if she needs help. Everyone has been there, at some time or another. She says yes, and asks if the man can call AAA for a tow truck. He is very nice and fulfills the request so that she can be safely on her way. She said that she was very confident in this situation because she knew that she had the ability to protect herself and her children with her concealed weapon. How do you feel about such a situation?

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