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Park Avenue Tote

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Variations in strap length give a wide range of wearing options
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Luxurious Park Avenue Concealed Carry Tote!

Park Avenue Tote helps that timeless beauty to come back with a very beautiful presence. You can carry this bag with your denim jeans and other pants or go out for a super stylish evening wherever your comfort level is, it works well with all! Plenty of pockets to keep stuff in its place. Designed for ambidextrous use this best concealed carry tote has special padding to eliminate imprint of the weapon inside. Made of tumbled full grain drum dried leather this handbag is very durable and will become very soft the more that it is used. A chain adorns the front of the bag. The pistol compartment will allow you to effectively carry any size weapon up to and including a 1911. A standard holster, made by Mernickle Holsters, is included. The holster is stabilized with Velcro so you will have the drawing angle you need to access your weapon quickly. There are two carry handles for the bag, the front one is attached by rings while the back one is attached directly to the bag. Neither handle will interfere with a quick weapon draw form the top or side of the concealed compartment.


Concealed Carry Compartment:

  • Includes a standard sized holster - can carry full 1911 weapon

  • Top and side zippered entries for easy access

  • Weapon area is 9 inches x 5 1/2 inches

  • Special padding to prevent gun imprinting

  • Compartment size 9 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches x 7/8 inch


  • Slash resistant shoulder handles - 11 ply steel reinforced

  • Crossbody length

  • Width helps to disperse weight of bag

  • Adjustable in length that easily clips on and off


  • Zip top opening with 1 ½ inch leather tab

  • Wide opening for easy access to interior

  • Easily carries wallet, keys, Smart Phone, makeup, knife, glasses, small book etc

  • Chrome finishing hardware

  • Four bottom protective feet


  • Overall Bag size: 9 - 5/8" Wide x 8" Tall x 4" Deep


  • Black

  • Purple

  • Gun Metal Silver