College Carrying Coeds

Posted by John Mitchell on 15th Jun 2016

College Coeds Need Personal Protection

On a college campus of roughly 10,000 female students, approximately 300 sexual assaults on women occur within a 9 month period. Considering that an additional 80 to 90 of these crimes are never reported due to the fact that the victim and assailant know one another, this number is staggering.

As more colleges allow students with permits to carry concealed weapons on campus, many women have begun carrying pistols for protection. Consider the safety, security, and confidence you’ll feel when properly trained and armed to protect yourself. Carry concealed, and reveal your weapon only when absolutely necessary, and your security will likely never be compromised. Pistol Packn Mama carries handbag fashions for all ages of women who want to focus on their education while on carrying on a college campus rather than worry about their safety.